Research & Development

At OWIT Nigeria, we are similarly driven by the believe that the relationship between international trade and gender is complex and requires a holistic understanding of economic and social dynamics, as well as of specific local contexts, in order to adopted best strategies that are geared towards sustainable economic development and poverty reduction while also promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality. Consequently, our Research and Development (R&D) approach is tailored towards the need to understand key variables regarding the connectedness between female entrepreneurship and economic development in Nigeria and globally. Our R&D approach generally seeks to build a more inclusive trading system in Nigeria, while contributing to improved global campaign on gender equality and women empowerment.

In Nigeria, we provide effective trading forecasts for women entrepreneurs by pursuing wide-ranging research and information that aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues and the multilateral trading system. A critical component of this approach is collecting and analyzing data from a gender perspective. In this regard, we exist to serve as one of the prominent Information Resource Hubs (IRH) on production and business engagements by the Nigerian women, and their international placements using the most efficient and effective value chain analysis.

To improve and sustain the quality goods and services produced by Nigerian businesswomen for local and international purposes, our research focus is keen on evaluating all points of the value chain management. To further this course of action, identified gaps are strengthened and opportunities capitalized on, using applicable empowerment approaches that aim to increase the Nigerian women’s income, quality of life and global relevance in terms of trading at all levels of the value chain.


OWIT Nigeria implements universal development series that strengthens the Nigerian women’s participation in trade negotiations and documentation at rural, urban and international levels. We believe this holistic approach is key to ensuring that the voices and entrepreneurial interests of Nigerian women are taken into account. Our entrepreneurs’ programmes provide women with specific tools and information to sustain competitiveness, while providing solutions that meet new and existing market demands. Our Sector Development process enables gender-focused enterprises to identify market opportunities that best match their capabilities.

OWIT Nigeria’s development programme includes but not limited to several components aimed at capacity building and improving networking. It serves to provide essential information and resources, support, advocacy, connection and communication services to Nigerian businesswomen. We vastly implement development programmes based on structural SWOT Analysis in order to motivate beneficiaries as they engage with stakeholders in both local and international markets.