OWIT Nigeria Network

As a gender-focused Trade Support Institute (TSI), our collectivism is strengthened to create synergy among Women Owned Businesses (WOB), which ultimately leads to the long term success at international echelons of trading initiated and managed by Nigerian women. We employ effective networking strategies to expand trade learnings and business opportunities that contribute to improving Nigeria’s performance in international trade. We specifically liaise with other trade promotion organizations in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world with a view to securing technical assistance in developing Nigeria’s export potentials and opportunities through women merchants.

OWIT Nigeria understands that every prospective trader has unique needs, goals, and experience; therefore we initiate platforms where business actors (local and international) meet, and build partnerships and alliances with peer organizations and associations to inform and advocate for change within the broader global community. By opening up these networking doors, we similarly contribute to discussions, design and implementation of approved National Export Strategy between Nigeria and the global trading community of practice.